Vacuum Chamber Sealer model VCC03/VCC04
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Vacuum Chamber Sealer model VCC03/VCC04

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  • Vacuum sealer Model VCC03 is a chamber vacuum sealer. VCC03 can use for a variety of products including liquid sauce
  •  Seamless 304 stainless steel and powerful vacuum pump 900W meets heavy use. Durable for 10 years.
  • The seal strip is up to 10 mm thick, ensuring absolutely no air leakage
  • Supports all types of bags, smooth vacuum seal bags, reduce costs by 50%
  • Can seal all kinds of raw materials, covering liquid, fine powder, different sauces
  • Increase the double-sided seal strip. Work 2 times faster.
  • Seal strip up to 39 cm in length to support the large bag
  • The vacuum chamber is 42 * 37 cm in size.
  • Easy to use, just press the cover, the machine will automatically work.
  • Installed wheels. Easy to move.

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  • 7 days easy returns
  • 1 year warranty for all machinery products


Vacuum Sealer model VCC03 can be used with a wide variety of foods: dry, wet, powdered, or even liquid sauces

Floor-standing machine with wheels, easy to move.

Adjustable sealing time and vacuuming time. to suit your bags

Chamber vacuum-VCC03-P3


2 sealing lines working at the same time.

(Product Introduction Video)

VCC03/04 is made of 304 stainless steel, durable and strong. 

Additional wheels installed, making it easy to move around

Extra thick acrylic cover preventing air leakage. Reduce vacuum time



Chamber vacuum-VCC03-size

Chamber vacuum-VCC04-size



Chamber vacuum-VCC03-features1

The most universal vacuum sealer in the market.

Chamber vacuum-VCC03-features2

A large vacuum seal room Can seal many items

Chamber vacuum-VCC03-features3

2 sides of the seal at the same time.


Supports all types of bag sealing. Just adjust the mode to suit the operation. Reduce costs up to 50%

Chamber vacuum-VCC03-features5

Can adjust the vacuum suction time, strong suction force, ensure no air leakage

Chamber vacuum-VCC03-features6

Almost a seal with a thickness of 8 mm to keep the bag more tightly

Chamber vacuum-VCC03-features7

Good quality acrylic glass. Strong, durable to use.

Chamber vacuum-VCC03-features8

The large vacuum suction compartment can suck the air more quickly.



Our vacuum sealer: There are many more to choose from.

Industrial Vacuum Sealer-all-US


How good is the SGE vacuum sealer?

  • 1-year product warranty
  • Technician team ready to support and solve any problem
  • Stock spare parts to support your order anytime
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Product assessment before shipping.



  • The most universal vacuum sealer
  • 1-year full warranty (Warranty terms do not include wear and tear from use)
  • Sealing length option: 40/50/60cm.
  • Helps preserve food by 3-5 times longer
  • Save space for storing food and keeping in the fridge.
  • Can adjust the heat, seal level (Sealing line) up to 3 levels.
  • The vacuum seal can be used with all kinds of liquid, dry, cream, or even powdered products.
  • Can be used to seal all types of bags such as Hot bag / Cooler bag / Side pleat bag /  Vacuum seal bag And other general bags, such as foil bags, aluminum bags, kraft bags, just adjust the mode to suit the usage and bag material.
  • Adjustable vacuum strength for different type of foods (some food requires lesser vacuum power like durian, while others require higher vacuum strength like rice/nuts)
  • Suitable for factories and restaurants to maintain product quality.


Details  Information
Vacuum Sealer Model VCC03 Model VCC04
The electric current that supports 220V 220V
Power Output 800W 900W
Seal power 900W 900W
Outer body size 64 x 63 x 100 Cm. 76 x 68 x 110 Cm..
Inner room size 42 x 37 x 7 Cm. 52 x 52 x 7 Cm.
Bodyweight 87 Kg. 110 Kg.
Air pressure (-1 bar) (-1 bar)
Supported bag sizes 40 Cm. 50 Cm.
Sealing strip thickness 10 mm. 10 mm.




Chamber vacuum-VCC03-control


STEP BY STEP (Vacuum Sealing Procedures)

Chamber vacuum-VCC02-Step1

1. Set the time for the vacuum seal and cooling time value

Chamber vacuum-VCC02-Step2

2. Put the prepared ingredients in the bag. Placed on the seal strip in the vacuum chamber and water. The cover is covered on the mouth of the bag So as not to move away from the seal strip

Chamber vacuum-VCC02-Step3

3. After that When closing the acrylic cover The switch will work automatically. Cover the lock on the acrylic cover. To prevent the lid from loosening


SAMPLES (Example of Vacuum Sealer)

Chamber vacuum-VCC04-BF-AT-01-01

Fried Chicken Dipping Sauce Before Vacuum Sealing / After Sealing There is no air left inside.

Chamber vacuum-VCC04-BF-AT-2

Fresh things such as garlic with smooth bags / after sealing the bag, pack well with garlic

Chamber vacuum-VCC04-BF-AT-3

Experiment in sun-dried banana in a vacuum packer / after the seal has expelled the air from the bag.

Chamber vacuum-VCC04-BF-AT-4

Experiment with dried fish that have Breaking and bruising / after sealing the fish Maintaining a beautiful appearance

Chamber vacuum-VCC04-BF-AT-5

Tested on alfalfa, cocoa powder, flour / after tightly sealed



Chamber vacuum-VCC03-BOX


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can this machine be used with products that have sauce/water?
–  Can be used but should be cleaned after every use And be careful not to allow the sauce/water into the machine too much.

Can this machine be used with powdered products?
–  Can be used but should be cleaned after every use to prevent debris clogging

Can this model be used continuously?
– Can be used continuously at a certain level But should rest the machine every 20-30 seconds after the seal every time

How long is the warranty? Have any spare parts changed? And which item is deteriorating quickly?
– We have a 1-year product warranty for this model. (product warranty details do not cover wear and tear such as seal strips, Teflon tires)
– Parts that wear out quickly are parts that require heat all the time, such as sealing strips, Teflon rubber bands.


  • If you want to seal products that are cream or liquid, the time should be set for no more than 15 seconds. Otherwise, the liquid will flow out of the bag and cause damage.
  • The machine and the interior of the sealing room should be cleaned after every use
  • The vacuum sealer VCC03 can be used continuously. However, It’s recommended to have a quick break of 5 mins after every 30 mins usage in order to reduce the heat from the seal strip and to preserve the machine for a long time.
  • Should keep cleaning the seal strip to prevent the seal strip from burning making it unable to seal Or if the Teflon seal strip starts to burn, replace immediately.
  • The vacuum pump oil should be changed every 3 months.


(Product Warranty Conditions)

This warranty does not cover any products or parts. That has been damaged or damaged due to
1. There are abnormal conditions in the form of a broken, broken, chipped, bent, collapsed, deformed, cracked, pierced, missing part.

2. The product has been modified, or repaired by someone other than the company service center.

3. There is a condition that should not occur with normal use or incorrect storage, such as water stains, rust marks, moss, burns

4. Products have been used incorrectly or have incorrect storage. Or an accident with the product

5. Damage caused by connecting peripherals

6. Product damage due to external factors such as power failure, overload, lightning etc.

7. Damage caused by natural disasters

8. Damaged products resulting from neglect not to clean after use

*** Note

– If the product is not within the warranty terms, the customer agrees to collect the spare parts and repair service without condition.
–  This service can only be used for products under warranty.
– Not including repair service fees




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Showroom: 66 Tannery Lane, Sindo Building, #04-09. S347805
Telephone/WhatsApp: (+65) 88914519.


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VCC03, VCC04

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